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Frequently Asked Questions

In case, you may have been wondering about JB’s Man Cave and wanted to ask a specific question that someone already asked, I’ve listed the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

JB, who are you?

I am a father driven by the needs of my children. Have a look at the home page for more details: Who Is JB?

Why do you create all these videos?

See the answer above.

Is this your full time job?

No, really, I am a web developer. However, if I can increase my ability to help my children by creating videos then why not.

How do you get all your footage and music?

Most of the raw footage you see on JB’s Man Cave, around 95%, I video recorded myself! The rest of video content, including the music, is ONLY used through contract or license. However, ALL 100% of the videos on JB’s Man Cave are owned and created by me. Keep in mind, it is one thing to take raw video footage, but then there is also another skill that requires editing and production. Therefore, all videos on JB’s Man Cave are copyrighted and should not be re-published, copied or distributed elsewhere without my expressed written permission.

Can you show me how you record and edit your videos?

Make sure to Subscribe to JB’s Man Cave because I will have (or it may be out already) a playlist concerning video production and some of my publishing methods. I get a lot of messages about how I did ‘x’ or ‘y’ in video production. Please don’t ask me for intricate details about the software I use, the camera I have, the mounts I own and so forth. Anything I wish to share I will create a video about it.

Are you available for hire?

That depends on what you are hiring me to do? Please use the Contact page and be as detailed as possible. Please note, if you are asking me to do private investigation or take footage of someone’s residence then forget it — I do not do that kind of thing.

Do you have more than one channel?

Yes, on the home page of my YouTube Channel to the bottom you can see a list of other channels we work on.

Do you have a site to discuss issues like a bulletin board or forum?

Yes, of course, go to International Discussions and register for free. Virtually any topic you can think of is there.